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Smiles by Our Team

We have a passion for orthodontics because, if taken with consideration, it can improve the health and wellness of our patients. Expanding the arches, improving the bite and resolving airway issues are all problems that can be resolved with orthodontics treatment.

Below are some real cases that Drs. Wasylucha and team have completed with orthodontics.

Widening the arch can make a dramatic improvement to one’s smile. As shown below, we generally choose to complete orthodontic treatment without extracting teeth.
After orthodontics is complete, we can finish your teeth to improve the aesthetics of your smile so it will dazzle.

All smiles shown are for educational purposes only.
Actual case outcomes vary.

How it works


Step 1
Free Orthodontic consultation

At your orthodontic consultation, we’ll discuss your treatment goals, and assess the complexity of treatment needed to transform your teeth!

Step 2
Custom Treatment Plan

When you are ready to move forward with your new smile, your custom Invisalign aligners are prepared. We will supply your trays and see you every 4-8 weeks.

Step 3
Finalize Your Smile

Once your teeth reach the desired position, you’ll receive clear retainers to maintain your new smile for a lifetime!

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Invisalign Cost in Stony Plain

Our Invisalign treatment fees range from

$1795 to $5495

A vast majority of our patients complete treatment for less than $4999.

We offer payment options as low as


Our Doctors

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Dr. Lorne Wasylucha
ammar shawar
Dr. Ammar Shawar

Our Orthodontic Consultations are Free.
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