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Invisalign vs Braces

Affordable Invisalign Cost Vs. Invisalign after Braces in Stony Plain, Edmonton

With North Stony Dental, we provide various forms of dental treatment, including various forms of brace treatment. As ever, deciding the ideal treatment plan for yourself is entirely personal in requirement.

Invisalign Vs Braces Stony Plain: What’s the difference?

For example, many people will come to us to try out for getting Invisalign braces for their teeth. These are, unlike normal braces, far less visible to the public and thus comes without the social stigma which is often (unfairly) attached to “normal” braces. We want to make sure you feel totally comfortable using any kind of brace, but Invisalign usually offers less stress and challenge on your part, as well as a less obvious physical appearance. Of course, it all depends on what you feel most comfortable wearing.

Invisalign Price Stony Plain: Is Invisalign affordable?

Price matters, too. North Stony Dental tends to offer Invisalign braces starting at around $X. While this does differ from the cost of usual braces, we’re happy to discuss the eventuality of both forms of treatment depending on your personal circumstance. Invisalign is, though, affordable in most cases. We can set up a treatment plan that is both affordable and accessible to make sure you can get top quality dental treatment and care without any delays.

Invisalign After Braces Stony Plain: Do i need Invisalign after Braces?

Sometimes, people choose to get Invisalign braces installed after the use of normal braces. We often recommend this is normal braces treatment either does not achieve what we had intended, or is simply not at the level we would have expected. However, rest assured that we only make the offer of Invisalign after braces if we feel it is 100% the right treatment choice for your own particular issues. At no point will we offer this for any reason other than we feel it can help to perfect and finalize your desire for dental alignment.
Affordable Invisalign Cost Stony Plain: Get A Great Deal
At North Stony Dental, we’ll make sure you can get the help that you need to get the braces treatment you want without anything like the same costs or concerns involved. We’ll work with you around the clock to deliver the kind of Invisalign costing that you can find easy to afford. In time, we’ll make sure you get a treatment plan tailored to your own needs for lasting results.

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