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Elastics & Braces on Teeth in Stony Plain, Edmonton

At North Stony Dental, we provide various different solutions to help those with braces get the most out of the service. The aim for dental alignment and total alignment with your teeth is a noble goal, but it needs the right kind of balance and planning to make sure it works out as all parties intended. This is why we also offer braces elastics treatment plans alongside the use of normal braces.

Braces Elastics Stony Plain: What are Elastics?

At North Stony Dental, we make sure you can get the help that you need to get your teeth perfectly aligned and looking awesome. One of the best ways to help manage that alignment is to use elastics; a source of extra ‘pull’ that helps to keep the braces strong and to help improve alignment. It essentially helps to accelerate and further balance out the results that you get when you are finished with the braces treatment. Used properly, this can vastly improve the end results of any braces treatment that you undergo with us. By pulling everything together more, it leaves a much more lasting and impressive aesthetic.

Braces and Elastics Stony Plain: Do i need Elastics?

You don’t need to get elastics, but at North Stony Dental we usually recommend it as part of the treatment plan. We can supply the dental-grade elastics needed to make sure the finish is as tight as possible. We also work alongside you to make sure you can get the post-treatment care needed. While elastics need to be changed regularly during the day, we can give you access to the elastic volume needed and show you exactly how to hook them together for the best result. The end result is well worth the added challenge of using elastics.

Braces on Teeth Stony Plain: making the right decision

The decision, of course, comes down to personal choice as much as budget. At North Stony Dental, we’ll make sure you can get the help that you need to get the right kind of treatment plan for your teeth. It takes a lot of work and effort for you to get the right kind of treatment, and we’ll be more than happy to help you define what the ideal treatment plan would be for you personally. Everyone is different, so let’s make sure the treatment that is suggested for you is the right choice from a personal level.

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