top benefits of invisalign

Top Benefits of Invisalign

Nowadays, it’s not so hard to have a beautiful, straight, and healthy smile. There have been many advances in dentistry that have made procedures more efficient and less painful. Orthodontics is one of the specialties in dentistry which has benefited most from all these new technologies. Different devices have been created to treat different dental issues such as teeth misalignment and bite problems. One that has garnered quite a large following over the last decade is Invisalign. This system offers great results with very little sacrifice. In this article, you will find the best reasons to look into Invisalign in Stony Plain.

No need for lifestyle changes

Many people avoid orthodontic treatments because of the lifestyle changes that these normally require. These changes include having to avoid certain foods as well as adding new steps to your oral health routine. Also, regular checkups with a dentist in Stony Plain every month become the norm. With Invisalign, you can forget about all these.

First of all, there’s no need for such frequent checkups with this treatment because, from the start, you are given all the tools to be in control of your progress. When you start Invisalign, you are given a set of clear plastic aligners that are custom made for you and that you are supposed to change every two weeks. Thus, you will only need to go to the dentist every once in a while, for them to examine you and see that everything is going according to the plan.

In regards to eating and oral health, you won’t have to do anything differently. Since the aligners are removable, you can just take them out and enjoy any meal. Although there is no need for any extra steps in your oral health routine, it is vital to maintain your habits. Remember to brush your teeth twice daily and floss every day. Not flossing can result in food being lodged between your teeth and this can prevent your aligners from fitting correctly.

You will see results fast

An average Invisalign treatment lasts anywhere between 12 and 18 months. It has been proven to move teeth into place faster than regular braces. The duration of this treatment depends on each case and a dentist near you could provide an estimate of the cost after examining your teeth. In any event, the key to achieving fast results is wearing the aligners for the entire day and taking them out only to eat, drink and brush your teeth. This way, your teeth will be under constant pressure and will adjust more quickly. You will start seeing results within weeks.

They are hard to notice

One of the main reasons why it’s convenient to undergo Invisalign near you is that this system allows you to modify the position of your teeth without drastically changing your appearance overnight. Before Invisalign existed, if you wanted to address your teeth misalignment you had to wear braces. People with braces often feel self-conscious about their smile and tend to hide it. With Invisalign, you will be able to smile without fear. As previously stated, the aligners are clear and they are difficult to notice, especially from afar.

You will only feel some mild discomfort

Correcting the position of your teeth requires applying pressure to them, which can be painful. However, unlike other orthodontic treatments, Invisalign applies pressure on your teeth gradually. This is possible because the aligners are replaced every two weeks, and each new aligner slightly increases the pressure exerted on your teeth. At first, you might feel some discomfort but if you wear the aligners for most of the day, this will quickly fade.

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