a dangerous trend: diy braces

A Dangerous Trend: DIY Braces

If you have been looking into braces lately, you may have noticed an interesting trend going around the internet when it comes to braces in Stony Plain. A somewhat alarming online trend has shown many people express an interest in “do-it-yourself braces.” If you are considering this as an option, our team at North Stony Dental is here to warn you against it.

While we understand that the idea of visiting a dentist near you and then an orthodontist for multiple consultations and a generous sum of money is not the most appealing, these steps are necessary for a safe and effective aligning treatment. Read on to learn some of the possible long-term problems and health issues that DIY braces can cause.

The Issue with DIY

While DIY products are all the rage on the internet lately, straightening your teeth is not something you should ever attempt to do on your own. Nevertheless, many online tutorials on YouTube claim that you can easily get a straight smile using cost-effective items that you can find at home.

In many of these videos, young girls showcase their homemade braces, which are usually made out of items such as strings, earrings, rubber bands, and other materials. The girls in these videos promise that you can straighten your smile and close the gaps between your teeth without the help of a dentist in Stony Plain and are being closely watched by thousands of people.

This issue is that using DIY methods to align your teeth can cause real, lasting harm to your oral health. Many individuals do not understand the severe risks involved, which can include infection, bone loss, tooth loss, and gum disease.

Particularly problematic is the use of elastic bands in an attempt to get straighter teeth because the elastic has the potential to destroy the gum tissue and tooth root. As well, while individuals who choose to use these DIY methods may close one gap in their teeth, they can end up creating even more gaps and an imbalance bite on top of it all.

Visit North Stony Dental

At North Stony Dental, our team understands that individuals are on the hunt for a quick and effective way to align their bites and enhance the appearance of their smiles. This is why we offer Invisalign as a discrete, effective, and convenient way to straighten teeth without all the hassle associated with traditional metal braces. Invisalign uses a series of custom-made, clear aligners to slowly move the teeth into the optimal position. Getting Invisalign from a dentist in Stony Plain is a safe and effective way to transform your smile.

Instead of taking the risk that comes with DIY braces, please schedule an appointment with our dedicated team of dental professionals. We will provide you with a comprehensive examination and work with you to come up with a treatment plan that you are satisfied with. Even if you are not a candidate for Invisalign, our team will do everything we can to get you the smile of your dreams. Please do not hesitate to contact us and book your consultation with our highly experienced dentist today. We cannot wait to see your smile.

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