why summer is a great time to start braces

Why Summer is a Great Time to Start Braces

Without the stress of schoolwork, kids have a lot of time to relax and focus on themselves during the summer. If your child requires braces, summer is a great time to start treatment! At North Stony Dental, we offer braces in Spruce Grove to help our patients achieve straighter, healthier smiles. Read more to find out why summer is the ideal time to get braces.

1. More Time to Get Used to Braces

Braces are a big adjustment and take some time to get used to. Not only do patients have to get used to the feel of braces in their mouth, but they also have to get used to new eating and drinking habits, as well as a brand-new oral hygiene routine. When your child gets braces in the summer, they won’t have to use their spare time to finish homework or participate in extra-curriculars; instead, they can use the extra time to get used to new brushing techniques and habits.

 2 Less Hassle Scheduling Appointments

Having braces requires visits to a dental clinic in Stony Plain every few weeks for tightening and adjustments. If your child begins their orthodontic treatment during the summer, you won’t have to worry about them having to skip class for a visit to their dentist. Having the first few dentist appointments during the summertime will lower the number of visits you will have to fit around classes during the school year.

 3 Confidence

When your child gets braces, they will need some time to get used to their appearance with them on. If they get braces while they are in school, they may have the added stress of wondering what their classmates think of them or worrying about being teased. If your child starts braces in the summer, they will get used to how they look with them. As well, your child’s closest friends will likely see them with braces over the summer and also have some time to adjust to their appearance before the beginning of the school year.

4 Growth Spurts

While starting braces in the summer is convenient and helps your child feel more comfortable, there is also scientific reasoning behind getting braces in the summer. Children typically go through growth spurts in the long days of the summer. The best time for straightening a child’s teeth is during their maximum growth period. Getting your child started on braces in the summer will help their teeth move as effectively and easily as possible.

 5 Start Now and Finish Sooner

If you start your child on orthodontic treatment as soon as summer begins, they can be finished treatment by the end of the first semester of school the following year! The average treatment time for braces is 16 months, so if you begin braces at the start of summertime, 6 of those months will be spent out of the classroom and away from stress. The sooner your child begins braces, the sooner they can achieve a beautiful smile. If you think that braces in Stony Plain might be a good fit for your child, our dentist can work with you to plan the best timing in relation to school pictures, sports, and other activities.

Looking for Braces in Spruce Grove?

When you come into North Stony Dental, a dentist near you will work with you and your child to find the best orthodontic treatment plan. Summer is an ideal time to begin braces, so please don’t hesitate to contact our clinic today!

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