Braces… Do They Actually Work?

Are you considering orthodontic treatment in Stony Plain or are wondering if are eligible for braces in Stony Plain? This article provides the basic things to know before you acquire treatment.

How Do Braces Get the Job Done?

Braces get the job done by constantly applying pressure on your teeth as well as your jaws to alter their position and improve your smile. Brackets are attached to the teeth and hold the archwire in position. The archwire puts pressure on the teeth and move them it into the preferred positions over time. Periodontal ligaments are flexible soft tissues around the teeth and bone. These soft tissues stretch or abridge depending on teeth movement. Thus, when the braces successfully move teeth to the left, the left ligament compresses and a new bone is formed on the right to occupy the vacant space.

Amending Overcrowding

Overcrowding happens when teeth are too large or the space between the jaw is too small. Braces amend this by moving the tooth, across and forward until there is adequate room for teeth to fit beside each other. Patients of a younger age may have overcrowding corrected by use of an expander to increase their jaw size. If the patient’s palate has already been fused, the alternatives may be to extract teeth or make incisions on both sides of your upper jaw to make the expander work more effectively.

Correcting Overbites

Overbites occur when the top and lower teeth overlap vertically, while an overjet takes place when the top teeth protrude in comparison to the lower teeth. Both overbite and overjet cases may be rectified by moving the top and/or lower teeth. Braces help to achieve this by constantly exerting pressure on the teeth which gradually moves them into the preferred positions. As the movement occurs, the bone around the teeth adjusts to accommodate their new location.

Teeth Movement

Braces are widely considered as being capable of moving teeth closer to the palate, but they are also capable of moving teeth towards the lips. This is done by deploying an archwire consisting of nickel-titanium in a shape memory which is able to move teeth forward. The wire is set such that it meets the bracket on each tooth, but gradually returns to its default U shape over time to move teeth forward.

What Dental Problems Do Braces Fix First?

Treatment with braces is usually broken into three stages for most patients:

  1. The initial stage is focused on adjusting teeth placement so they align and are set straight.
  2. The second stage is focused on setting the braces in a way that helps to correct the bite problems (underbite, overbite or crossbite). This stage also helps to close any gaps that are between the patient’s teeth.
  3. The third stage, being the final stage of treatment, is where the finishing touches are done to ensure that teeth are now completely set in the desired positions before taking out the braces.

When Do Results Begin To Show?

Having understood how braces work and the different stages of treatment, the next question is usually how long does this last? Well, so as not to damage the root and bones around your teeth, nor risk losing comfort and effectiveness, your teeth must be given time to move into the desired spot. Also, every case is different and could vary between six months to three years depending on the complexity of the case. You may book an appointment with a dental clinic in Stony Plain for further clarification.

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